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We rode the bus back down the hill to see the Grand Casino. We ran into a few friends by the casino who joined us for wine and beers at the cafe outside. We enjoyed the much needed sunshine and marvelled at the cars driving by the casino for the afternoon.

Back on board, the crew had been preparing and incredible BBQ serving carved meat, lobster, crab and everything you can imagine. Our group decided to head back to shore and visit the casino for some gambling after dinner. We borrowed ties and jackets and entered the casino. The interior of the casino is amazing and unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures or your cell phone inside. I played roulette a few rounds and walked away with a few extra euros. Unfortunately, being a Thursday night, the casino was not very busy and we did not have a great deal of time to enjoy it as the ship was leaving port at midnight. The exchange rate inside the casino was the best anywhere, so I took advantage. We rushed back to the boat and boarded right before midnight. The sail away that night under the stars and lights of Monaco was awesome.

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