Updated: April 2016

A few pics and links to our adventures.

Taken in Death Valley, April 2014

Greg Speicher's Wedding in Jacksonville, September 14th, 2013, the same day as my parents 50th anniversary. The largest gathering of the Speichers in many years at the wedding.

Speicher Adventures

Bowman Lake near Tahoe, May 2016

Supercar Sunday, May 2016

French and Italian Rivieras on the Windstar Legend, April 2016

Baja, April 2016

Signal Peak, June 2015

Moab, September 2015

Death Valley, April 2014

Baja, Mexico, November 2013

Bishop Pumpkin Farm, October 2013

NCLR Annual Event at Hollister Hills, October 2013

Greg and Leigh Speicher Wedding, Jacksonville< FL, September 14, 2013

White Rock Lake near Truckee, August 2013

Death Valley, April 2013

Poker Flat near Downieville, September 2012

Death Valley, April 2012

Moab, October 2011

Death Valley, April 2011

Road trip: California to New Mexico 2009

Yosemite June 2010

Halloween 2008 Pics

October 2008 Pics

Summer 2008 Pics


4Runner Corral Hollow Pics

4Runner Slate Mountain Pics




Ella Newborn Pics







My Cars/Truck:

2001 Range Rover SE 4.6 - My adventure vehicle. I have always wanted a Land Rover and couldn't be happier with my Range Rover.

1990 325is (SOLD!)

Frankenbimmer - E30S52 - started life as a wimpy 1985 318i and now breathes fire with a 1998 M3 modified drivetrain and suspension.

Fred's 1988 M3 with the S52 motor we installed is featured in this months May 2007 Bimmer magazine. The article is Double Sixes

2003 4Runner - we had to get an SUV to haul around our babies, dog and cat. This is a great truck.