Poker Flat September 2012

We took a trip to Poker Flat near Downieville in September 2012. The trailhead is near Downieville, a mountain biking mecca with world-class trails. If you are an avid mountain biker, you must visit Downieville. Once on the trail, it snakes its way up the hill through various mining claims and a lookout tower offshoot. Best to stay on trail as the miners don't like you poking around their claim. As you descend into the valley, it is a bit steep, but a high clearance stock 4x4 should handle it without a problem. The campground itself is quiet and well maintained with a stream close by. We took a dip and splashed in the crystal clear mountain water. We exlpored a few other trails and them went out on a different trail with a steep rocky incline. You pass a really old cemetary that people have been keeping up for 100 years. Overall, the trip was a nice escape from home and only a couple hours from Sacramento.