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After the Segway tour, we were back to hoofing it around Barcelona. We stopped by a tapas restaurant for some mediocre tapas, then a coffee shop for some excellent hot chocolate. Spanish chocolate is almost a syrup, it is so dense and creamy and pairs well with a churro. We then took a nap and went out for a late dinner.

We waited over an hour and half to get into "7 Puertas" restaurant in Barcelonneta. We had an exceptional meal, but didnt finish eating until after midnight. While segwaying down by the waterfront, our guide showed us a few nightlife hotspots.

We walked over to check them out since they don't open until midnight. The first club, was totally dead, it was a Sunday night...but right next door at Opium, it was hopping. I generally don't like 'clubs' but we had a great time that night. The crowd was a bit older and there was ample outdoor seating. Everyone was having fun, dancing, drinking and enjoying Barcelona. A late night, or early morning, quick rest and then off to La Familia Segrada church that is still under construction after 100 years. An amazing church that should finally be completed in another 10 years or so. It is incredibly intricate and large inside with very different architecture, one of Gaudi's best. We then met with a fellow Land Rover enthusiast to discuss the purchase of a truck...more on that later. A taxi took us to the port and we were one of the last passengers on the ship. Being a smaller ship, only 200 passengers, getting aboard was easy and painless. We waved goodbye to Barcelona as we left port. We definitely want to return!

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