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Portoferraio is actually a small island that we explored. Napolean was exiled here many years ago and it is a very beautiful island. We walked around the port and visited the ancient tower that has been standing for many hundreds of years. We then hiked up to Napoleans house and took a brief tour of the house and grounds. That have an impressive display of his belongings and items from his time spent on the island. While leaving, we came across another couple walking the streets. She was filipina and Cara struck up a conversation. We discovered that they live on a sailboat full time since they are in retirement. They spend four to six months in Portoferrraio before the summer rush arrives and the slip fees go up dramatically. We bought a bottle of wine and joined them on their boat for a couple of hours chatting, drinking and relaxing. They were a wonderful couple to spend part of the day with. We sailed away from our last port having a cocktail hour with everyone. Next stop was our final destination of Rome, Italy. We were all sad that the trip was coming to a close.

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