Europe 2016 - Page 13 - Rome, Italy
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Rome has so many incredible site to see, but definitely one of the most spectacular is the Colosseum. Construction started in 70 AD and most of it is still standing today. Truly an amazing sight. We then walked around Rome, had some traditional Italian pizza and did a little shopping near the Spanish Steps. We were out all day and had a wonderful day. So much more to see the next time we visit. We went to dinner at a restaurant recommended by the front desk. Unfortunately, it wasnt our best meal but being on vacation with friends and in Rome kept our spiritis high. The next day, we headed to the airport and our long journey home after an incredible 10 days in Europe. We definitely recommend Windstar cruises for a more intimate experience, impeccable service and great staff. It was very nice to unpack once and visit so many places having logistics and transportation taken care of. We are looking forward to another cruise and visit to Europe in the future. As we were flying home, I was watching out the window and spotted Monte Carlo based on the geography and our recent visit. I was able to take a quick pic with my phone from 33k feet.

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