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We arrived at Port Vendres early in the morning to overcast skies and a chill in the wind, but we were excited to explore. Just over the hill is a quaint town, Collioure and we took 'Le Petite Train' over for a visit. An ancient fortress is perched on the rocks where construction began almost 2000 years ago. The port itself has changed hands many times between the ancient Spanish and the French. A church sits on the water and the town consist of beautiful narrow streets full of small shops and restuarants. I picked up a small messenger bag to tout my camera around and we had an excellent lunch of mussels and fries. We capped off the meal with some gelato while wandering around the shops.

When we first arrived in Collioure, we noticed the Army had a training obstacle course set up in the frigid water for the cadets. One by one, they had to jump in, swim to each obstacle and climb up/over or through the floating challenges. While fun to watch, the recruits looked cold and tired. Afterward, we saw them learning how to unwrap and assemble a dinghy. To my excitement, I saw their military Land Rover 110 pickup by the fort. Being a rover enthusiast, I had to take a few pics.

We took the petite train back to Port Vendres on a scenic route through the hills and around vineyards first planted in the Middle Ages. Back to the ship for the captain's welcome party, an wonderful dinner and evening with friends.

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