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The next morning, we walked around the block and found a fabulous brunch coffee shop, Petit Pot. I had the eggs benedict and Cara enjoyed a spanish twist on smoked salmon along with fresh pressed juices for both of us. We then booked a Segway tour for the afternoon and walked down to the 'Born' area tothe Picasso museum. Picasso spent many of his early years in Barcelona and the surrounding area. The museum highlighted his training and acquired a vast collection of his early study pieces. After the museum, we walked toward Las Ramblas to meet up with our guide for the tour.

The Segways are very cool machines that almost sense your movement with adjustments to your posture. It does take a some getting used to especially going up and down curb ramps. We ventured down to Barcenoletta near the water and explored the city. Yes, we look pretty dorky in our hairnets and helmets, but we saw a lot of the waterfront and had a great time.

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