Baja 2016

Next, we drove just down the road to F Rubios, a small family vineyard and enjoyed an excellent meal of course paired with great tasting wines. The meal was similar to tapas with small plates from ceviche to cheeses to ribs. It felt like we right in the heart of Napa and everything was superb.

After the amazing dinner, we drove down the hill into Ensenada and camped right on the beach of San Miguel on the northern part of Ensenada. A couple other members of the Baja Land Rover club stopped by with a Series 2A and 2015 Defender. Of course, we were all drooling over the defender since we can't get them over the border. Its funny to talk with folks from Europe who see them as "glorified toolboxes", which they are, but its all about supply and demand in the US as well as exclusivity. The Defender is just the epidomy of adventure travel for many of us.

The next morning, we drove into Ensenada proper to a small taco stand on the corner, Tacos Fenix. They prepared the freshest fish and shrimp tacos I have every had. Cooked right in front of you, the sign states it was established in 1970 and I now understand why. They were simply the best tacos I have every tasted.

Stopped at a supermercado for a few more provisions and then headed south out of town. We detoured out to the coast to see La Bufadora, a little tourist attraction on the Pacific. Since it was Monday, it was pleasantly not crowded and we haggled with the vendors to buy some trinkets and hammock chairs. The kids enjoyed seeing the 'blowhole' and then we continued on south to our next destination.

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