Death Valley 2011

Moab, October 2011 - Page 2

The day started to warm up a bit and the drizzle eventually stopped. We headed further north to Bobby's Hole. This day of trail running was definitely more challenging and a lot of fun. The sliders and skid plates took a few hits on the trail.

After Bobby's Hole, we officially entered Canyonlands National Park in the Needles District. Spectacular rock spires hundreds of feet high. Truly amazing country to drive through. We stopped for lunch at Horsehoof campground and explored the rocks.

We decided that we would head out via Elephant Hill and stay in Moab rather than another day on the trail. The weather forecast was for an even colder night and the clouds were still present with a chance of rain. The incline up Elephant Hill gave us a challenge as our tires were wet and slick with mud. Gaining traction was difficult in some areas. Overall, a very fun trail.

We made it back to pavement right as the sun was setting and back to Moab by dark. Stopped at the Moab Brewery for a nice meal and cold brew and then back to the Red Stone Inn for the night.

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