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Moab, October 2011 - Page 3

Our last day in Moab was spent exploring Arches National Monument. The famous Delicate Arch that most people are familiar with is about a mile and a half hike including about 800 vertical feet. Rob, Ella and I made the trek and were rewarded with an incredible view of the arch. Here are a couple pics of Ella running around on thr rocks and Rob contemplating how far we had come.

We took an offroad trail out of the park and did a side-route to visit some seldom seen arches. We stopped on the side of the road for some quick lunch. The trail had a few challenging ledges that the rovers took in stride.

As we left Arches, we hit a few puddles and my P38 was covered in mud. I am still trying to get this mud off my undercarriage...

We then stopped outside of Salt Lake City for a quick nights rest. Ella was not feeling well, so we called it an early night. The next day, we headed home and stopped by the Bonneville Salt flats to take a look

We rolled into Elk Grove later that night. It was a stellar trip and I can't wait to get back to the southwest.

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