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Day 2 we finished up the White Rim Trail, exiting out of Mineral Bottom. I did a kayak float trip down the Green River from the town of Green River to Mineral Bottom. 55 miles of quiet paddling and desolation, a fantastic trip 7 years ago. We headed back to Sand Flats and our campground. We attempted Slick Rock mountain biking trail and Eric and I were defeated after just a few miles into the trail. Fun descents, but brutal climbs so steep, we could barely walk up them. Ben conquered almost every ascent, but Eric and I had to turn back as enjoying a glass of triple IPA sounded more appealing.

The next morning we awoke early to meet in downtown Moab for canyoneering. We hiked along the slickrock to a crack between two rocks and an exhilerating 90 foot rapel down. We had another 110 foot rapel near the 243 foot Morning Glory bridge, the 6th largest natural bridge in North America, which we walked out on. Incredible! I am working on the GoPro footage as I didn't have my main camera with me. We hiked another couple of miles out through Negro Bill canyon and grabbed some lunch downtown. Packed up again and headed for Elephant Hill.

Elephant Hill is located in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. It requires a high clearance 4x4 and has some steep, rocky ledges. Our rovers and Jeep didn't have any issues with the trail, but certain spots required some spotting. There is a tight 'squeeze' near the end of the trail and the rovers just squeaked through. We arrived at Devils Kitchen campground around sunset and had a surf - n - turf dinner with steaks, shrimp and more IPA.

Next morning, Day 3, we began our journey out of Elephant Hill and back to Sand Flats for some slick rock offroading.

Moab 2015 - Page 4

Moab 2015 - Page 4