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Murphy Hogback A campsite is outstanding. Hard to find a campsite anywhere in the world to match it. A large rock provided some much needed shade late in the afternoon. It was a long 45 miles from the visitor but well worth the effort. We made camp and watched the stars until falling asleep in our chairs.

The next morning, we kept heading west on the White Rim Trail. Ben and I hopped on the bikes for some great downhill action early on. The washes and sand eventually wore me out after an hour or so of biking. Everywhere on the trail, views are breathtaking. We meandered around some spectacular cliffs and then spotted the banks of the Green River. I kayaked the Green from the town of Green River to Mineral Bottom in 2008. 55 miles of floating in total desolation and absolutely spectacular. We exited the trail and headed back to Sand Flats in Moab in the early afternoon. The second half of the trail seeemed easier going and a bit faster than the beginning. The White Rim Trail should definitely be on the bucket list of any adventure traveler. Moab 2015 - Page 3

Moab 2015 - Page 3