Baja Mexico November 2013

On the way to Coco's, I noticed Alex's front axle was bouncing more than it should. He took a look and the front shocks were not attached to the vehicle! He recently upgraded his airsprings and the lower shock nuts and bushings were lost. He was driving on airsprings only and was lucky he had no issues. We borrowed some nuts from a race team and some old bushings Coco had lying around. We spent a few hours getting the work done, even Coco pitched in to help.

I left an NCLR sticker on the wall and found another from the group that came through in May of this year. Can you spot the stickers?

While in Gonzaga Bay, we came across the Race For The Wounded Baja Race team who were practicing for the Baja 1000. Jesse, the soldier, had lost both legs below the knees in a horrible accident abroad. He has carbon fiber prostheses with shocks for riding the motorcycle. Great organization doing great things for our wounded veterans.

While at Coco's a bunch of Range Rovers rolled in on a tour. They were filled with Russians and Germans from a tour company based in San Diego. They stopped to say Hi to Coco, but didn't buy beer. Needless to say, Coco blew a gasket and scribbled them out of his signaure book. They were travelling in luxury all the way to Cabo over 10 days...

We headed out from Coco's in search of some petroglyphs we were told about. We hit Mex1 and it took a lot longer than expected to get to the trail. We were running out of daylight so we decided to head to Bahia de Los Angeles for the night.

Baja 2013 - Page 5

Baja 2013 - Page 5