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Daddy and Ella's Trip to Death Valley with the Northern California Land Rover Club

The next day, we set out from the hot springs and stopped to admire the art of Death Valley in the form of the 'Bat Sign'.

After the sign, we hit many, many miles of washboards. The group took a detour trying to find a cabin, but were unable to locate it. We stopped on the shores of an old salt lake that still had the remains of the cable system to harvest the salt. There was still a bit of water in the lake and a salty/mineral crust on the shore.

We kept driving and eventually started over Lippincott grade. It was a great view back into the valley as we climbed up. Dan in a Range Rover Classic decided to take the easier way around as his truck was having some ignitions issues.

This was a nice slow climb and near the top, my P38 started to get warm. We had to stop and let it cool off as it was in the red! These 4.6L V8s do like to be overheated. I added some water and she seemed to do better after cooling off. After we restarted, I kept the heater on to increase cooling capacity. Not fun driving in Death Valley with the heat on full blast! Ella hitched a ride with Kai in Richard's LR3 to stay in the comfort of a/c.

We made it over Lippincott pass with no further issues that day for my rig.

Next stop was the Racetrack, something I have wanted to see for a long time. You will find rocks on a dried lakebed that have seemingly moved and left tracks. Many 'scientists' have tried to figure out how this phenomenum has happened over the years with no definitive answers yet. Pretty cool though.

Next up was Teakettle junction, appropriately named. We dropped off a group teakettle and wrote the group and date on the side. A great pic of the Sorenson's with Kai having fun.

A couple of us ventured ahead to find a campsite for the night as it was starting to get dark. We were running a bit behind schedule and were'nt going to make it our original campsite. We came across a cool abandoned mine and were able to fit all the rigs in.

Overnight, we slept much better and were sheltered from any wind.

More adventure awaits!
Death Valley 2011 - Day 3


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