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On Saturday, we hit the pavement to get to Beatty on 95. We gassed up and then stopped by a guy who sells a bunch of ex-military storage boxes, cases, even trailers. He has pallets of stuff in all shapes and sizes. We each bought a box or two and Beaver picked up a really cool large box with drawers that will work well as a large kitchen storage unit in the back of his land trailer. I was eying the ex-Korean war M416 3/4 ton trailers in the back of the lot. I would really like to build one up like an Adventure Trailer with roof top tent.

After Beatty, we hit Rhyolite, a famous ghost town outside of Death Valley. Cara and I were watching a movie the other month when the actors ran through the area and I immediately recognized it. Unfortunately, most of those pics are on Cara's camera.

We then headed offroad to Titus Canyon and back into Death Valley proper. It is a magnificent canyon with lots of colors seen in the rocks. We stopped at Leadville, a small mining ghost town for lunch. We then continued on for Scotty's Castle. On the way, we stopped to help a 4Runner with a flat tire. Not 5 minutes after that, Ola blew out his front on a tire that wasn't even 4 days old yet. The guys changed it and we tried to race for Scotty's Castle before it closed. Unfortunately, we missed the last tour by a half an hour and were just able to see the outside. We then headed back to Gold Point for a steak dinner from the Sheriff.

The next morning, we packed the rest of the gear and headed back home. It took about 8 hours to get home after a few stops along the way. Another Death Valley trip completed and lots of fun for all.

Wildflowers were in bloom and I compiled the pics together on the next page
DV 2014 - Page 7

DV 2014 - Page 7